Lost: The day that never came

Hurley was with Ben in the jungle. It was night. What do you want to do Hurley? We can’t get off the Island as far as I know said Ben. You maybe are right said Hurley. Desmond woke up. Penny? asked Desmond. Penny is alright said Hurley. How do you know? asked Desmond. I just saw something said Hurley.

Lapidus, Kate, Sawyer, Claire, Miles and Richard were off the Island, 12 hours away from the Island. Where are we? asked Richard. I don’t know said Lapidus. Hello! With president Barack Obama. Land the plane. Mr. Obama? We don’t know where we are said Lapdisu. You are in the United States of America.

Lapidus was still riding the plane. Sergeant Brokovich, the word is too you. Land the plane, or we will send our US Military Team to you. Miles was running to Lapidus. We have to go with the parachutes. Come guys, we have to jump said Lapidus. The Ajira Six jumped out of the plane, unknown tot hem, on the White House.

The Ajira Six were hold in a holding room in the White House. Have we done something wrong? asked Claire. I want to see Aaron said Claire. It will be alright said Kate. Brokovich opened the door. Follow me said Brokovich.

The Ajira Six stopped. We have found dynamite in your plane Mr. Lapidus. You were trying to blew us up? Or not? asked Obama. We were on an Island sir. I remember you from the press conference, 5 years ago said Obama. Kate smiled. Thank you, Mr. Obama said Kate.

You’re welcome said Barack Obama. You’re a member of the Oceanix Six. Why were you as a group, with 6 people on a plane with dynamite. It doesn’t make any sense said Obama. I’m already trying to find if someone is trying to do something bad. It’s coincidentall, that…an explosion was heard and the plane exploded killing many staffmembers at the White House. Brokovich did shot Obama in the stomach, although he was alive.

Claire, we have to run said Kate. Brokovich was taking Obama with him. Finally my plan has worked said Brokovich. The guards from Obama were following Kate and Claire. We have to go away, as far as possible said Kate. Richard was lying on the ground, bleeding to death. Help this man said a guard. Lapidus en Miles were staying together, along with Sawyer. What should we do?

Brokovich was running with Obama away. Brokovich knocked on an door and did gave Obama to someone. You know what to do said the man. 5 minutes later was Brokovich still runing with Obama. Stop said 3 guards. If you leave me free with a helicopter, president Obama can be shot, because I use him as shield. OK, a helicopter is coming said a guard.

Brokovich was flying with a helicopter away. Simon George, a guard was talking Jamie Gridge, another guard. We have to cover it up said Simon. I can’t said Jamie. But who has to talk if Obama is gone? This man said Simon and he pointed his finer at Richard Alpert.

That’s crazy. We can’t cover it up said Jamie. Do you want a bullet in your head? asked Simon. We have to use Alpert as President of the United States of America. But what about the Vice-President? asked Jamie. He was yesterday very sick, it has to be him.

Sawyer, Miles and Lapidus were looking at the White House. Damn it, we lost Kate and Claire said Sawyer. We lost more said Lapidus. Someone is dead said Miles. Who? asked Lapidus.

We got Brokovich said Simon. His status is deceased. No sign of President Barack Obama. His status is most likely deceased said Simon.

Hurley looked at the moon. Do you that there are aliens Ben said Hurley. What do you mean? I mean, said Hurley, that Sawyer, Kate, Claire and the rest of the group, are maybe on another planet said Hurley. No, they are high likely safe said Ben.

Desmond woke up. I need something to eat said Desmond. I know where we can eat said Hurley. Ben was swimming to the Elizabeth. Desmond, Hurley en Ben were in the Elizabeth.

We don’t have much foot said Desmond. We can go to Hydra Island said Ben. I miss Penny said Desmond. I miss my adoption daughter said Ben. I miss my parents said Hurley.

Richard woke up. Where am I? asked Richard. You are in the Hospital of the White House said Simon. This is my partner Jamie. You’re becoming the new President of the United States said Simon. You are joking said Richard, while he laughed and smiled at the same time.

I’m actually not joking. President Obama has been captured, and his status is unknown. So you have to replace him, until we found him said Simon. But I can’t replace Obama. They think we’re joking said Richard. Nobody ever has seen his chief of staff. You have to be his replacement.

Kate and Claire were at Kate’s old house. Claire looked at some pictures of Jack and Kate. I have to call your mother, Claire said Kate. That’s really nice, but I’m not sure if I want to see my mother said Claire. Claire slapped Kate on her head. You son of a bitch. Calm down said Kate. Carole wants to see you said Kate. She knew that I was going back…to get you and see Aaron said Kate. That’s really nice said Claire. Richard was reading a lot of files. Put this can be really dangerous. Everything that I say can be used against myself said Richard. That’s possible, but I don’t think that.

OK, we start over


Next part will be written either today or tommorow, maybe later

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