When Jin was coming in the Flame, he said that there was a plane coming. Radzinsky asked: What plane? What did he mean with this? The Swan wasn't built yet, so the Plane couldn't seeing from there. From The Arrow, Staff and Tempest you can only seeing the plane from outside. The Lamp Post has nothing to do with this theory. From The Pearl and Orchid, you can only seeing the plane from above the station. By the Looking Glass, you can't see a plane, only hearing things from the outside world. The Hydra and The Flame are different for me.

But what did Radzinsky said: What plane? Did he met Mikhail Bakunin somehow and told him that you can only seeing the plane by the Flame? If I was building that (The Swan), then I why would I built if it there is a plane is coming.

No, but he's going just further with making The Swan. He knows that Oceanic Flight 815 crasht on The Island. Because he let Oceanic Flight 815 crashing.--Station7 08:55, January 13, 2010 (UTC)

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