Eric, Bob and Jennifer were back in The Crash House. Eric had the book in his hand. it didn't make any sense, did it? asked Bob. No, Nancy is dead, Elisabeth escaped with Mandy, no it didn't make any sense att all Bob said Eric. Someone knocked on the door. Take your gun Bob, it's showtime said Eric.

Eric and Bob opened the door. Mother? said Bob.

Eric, Bob, Francisca and Jennifer were sitting. In need you Jennifer whispered Francisca in Jennifer's ear. For what? asked Jennifer. I will explain that later said Francisca. Miss Rumble, why are you here? asked Eric. To talk to you guys of course said Francisca.

Where's Mandy? asked Francisca. Mandy has been kidnapt by Elisabeth Smatthouse. Francicsa phone was going. Could I? asked Francisca. Yes, you can said Bob. Hello with Francisca Rumble. Yes, Tracy that's oké, I wil doing that said Francisca. Was that Tracy Lomstein? asked Jennifer.

Yes, she said that Maya Chess is attacked by an unknown person. She's in The Hospital Chamber in The Fountain. Who told you about that we here were? asked Eric. Time-travelling Jack said Francisca. Tracy Lomstein is your niece Bob said Francisca.

She's the daughter of Audrey Pedrell, my half-sister said Francisca. We have the same mother, Monica Nighton, she was a model said Francisca.

Jack came in the house. Jack, what's the matter? asked Francisca. Miss Rumble, it's your time said Jack. Jennifer, you have to come with us said Jack.

That's oké Jack said Jennifer. Francisca, Jack and Jennifer were gone. I found some interest stuff around Sam Cormett said Bob. What? asked Eric. A video-tape, files and pictures said Bob.

Bob looked at Eric. The radio was on:

  • Today has been found a dead body on a road.
  • It is Nancy Glass, 46 old women.
  • Who killed her? said the man.
  • We found more then one bullet.
  • That means his back.
  • Eric Glass killed his mother.
  • If you know where he is call 999.

Eric Glass looked at Bob. Someone has betrayed me said Eric. I don't know who said Bob. Maybe are the brothers Chess all 3 alive: Simon, Greg and Thomas. We have to find them, for I got killed killed said Eric.

end of Part 1 of Episode 7.--Station7 07:40, November 11, 2009 (UTC)

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