Maya, Tracy, Nancy Glass, Eric Glass, Mandy, Jennifer and Bob were looking at the dead Peter. My bodyguard know what to do with death bodies said Nancy. Come we have not much said Nancy. Nancy was walking downstairs. We have to go to that tunnel. The group followed Nancy and they were down a bridge. The group followed Nancy further. It's her in the cave, Nancy pusht on a button and she opened a door with a logo on it.

They followed Nancy in the cave and she opened a second door. This is the DHARMA-station The Fountain.

I'm sorry, Mrs. Glass, but what are we doing here? asked Bob. We're here Bob, because Eric told me about you said Nancy. I'm sorry, but what has Mandy to do with your plan? asked Jennifer. That explain I later Jennifer said Nancy.

The Fountain is a DHARMA-station made by The DHARMA-Initiative themself. Andrew Gunfried is here to. Who is Andrew Gunfried? asked Mandy. Jennifer looked to Mandy. How could she talk? asked Jennifer. You have not just a child Jennifer. Your child could see The Past, only The Past. She can not seeing what happened and she can not thinking what happened next. Actually she can see The Past, if she stays at the age of 10 said Nancy. But if I walk to you with her, she never knows about this moment? asked Jennifer. That's right said Tracy.

Patrick Rumble was not just a man. He made a child for you and him said Nancy. But why are we here? asked Bob. Mr. Gunfried was a sergeant in the second world war. He survived it, so we going doing a test with little Mandy. And we bring you 2 to or talk-room said Nancy. Eric do you wanna walk with your friends, I think they wanna have some thea said Nancy.

Eric was with Bob and Jennifer in the talk-room. I think this is just a dream said Jennifer. I'm sorry, but where is the WC? asked Bob to Eric. It's behind the glasswall said Eric. Bob was on the WC, while Jennifer and Eric were talking.

It's gonna be fine with Mandy said Eric. Could I give you a hug? asked Jennifer. Yes, I've never had a woman said Eric. Did you have never had a relationship? asked Jennifer. No said Eric. Bob saw that Eric and Jennifer gave each other a hug.

What are you doing with my girlfriend? asked Bob. Bob beat Eric in his face and Eric felt on the ground. You're taking my whole life, you damn killer said the angry Bob. Tracey pusht Bob in his head and he felt on the ground. And what are you going to do? asked Tracey. I wanna know more about Peter Chess said Jennifer.

Minutes later was Bob in the prison of the station. Nancy was coming to Bob. What's the matter Bob? My son was just giving your girlfriend a hug, my son has never had a woman said Nancy. Take some time and then we're going to Mandy. What's so special about Mandy? asked Bob.

You are her father to. Mandy Crash is special, because she has 2 fathers said Nancy. What? That can't be, my father is her father said Bob. I can't be the father, because Patrick Rumble is the father said Bob. How could it be that Mandy can see The Past, but not The Future? asked Bob. You can get in a few hours, your answers, if you keep quiet said Nancy.

HOW, NO DON'T GO AWAY, NO cried Bob in the prison.

End of Part 1 of Episode 5.--Station7 10:24, November 9, 2009 (UTC)

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