Eric was runnin away and let both Widmore & Bob behind.

Flashback: Bob

Bob was sitting with both his father Patrick Rumble and Fransica Rumble. Mother, father, I have to tell you something said Bob. I have a girlfriend, Jennifer LaPorta. What's the matter? said Francisca. She's pregnant! said Bob. Who's the father? asked Francisca. My father, is the father of the child. Go away mother. I have to kill him said Bob. Francisca was in the kitchen. Patrick looked to Bob. Why are you doing this to me father? asked Bob. You have no life! said Patrick. Maybe you're thinking that there will be a plane crash, crazy son said Patrick. Bob was mad. Bob was going to his mother. Mother, go away, go to a safe place said Bob. Francisca was walking away from her house. Bob was outside the house. He was trowing a granade in the house and the whole house explode. Time to go! said Bob

  • -

Agent Chris Bright found Eric. You are going with me said Chris. Put him in the jail, he was supossed to kill him. And take both of those men to a hospital.

Bob and Widmore were both at the same hospital next to each other. Bob was walking up again and so that he was operate by someone. Hello Bob, my name is Jack Shephard. How is it going with you? asked Jack. How could you being here, when you are this day on Flight 815? asked Bob. I am a time-travelling Jack. Widmore was ready. It's time to Mr. Widmore said Jack. Thanks that you saved my live said Widmore. I'm fine that you not killed me laught Jack. Widmore was going away. He's going to kill you soon said Bob. Jack was gone.

Bob was following Widmore and so him talking to Sam Cormett, the owner of Oceanic Airlines. Widmore was going away. Bob followed Sam and Sam was sitting on a chair next to the table. Sam was taking coffee. Could I sit next to you asked Bob. Yes said Sam. And is the fat guy on the plane? asked Sam. Yes said Bob. I couldn't doing killing her said Sam. Why? asked Bob. Because I will money without her said Sam. What's the name of the fat guy? asked Sam. Hurley said Bob. Is it good if we walking in the park? asked Sam. Yes, sir said Bob. You're a great guy said Sam. Someone was last shot with a gun said Bob. Who? asked Sam. At that moment was a gunshot heard in the park. Sam feld on the ground. Jennifer walked to Bob. You did a great job, Jennifer said Bob. You're dead said Jennifer.

End of Part 2(maybe I write today Part 1 of Episode 2)--Station7 15:50, November 5, 2009 (UTC)

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