Bob Crash was sleeping and looked on his clock. It's 16.15, oh no. I have miss my flight. Bob's girlfriend Jennifer called him. Jennifer, I've mist my flight. You're dead said Jennifer LaPorta. What? said Bob. -

Bob wake up. It was just a dream. Jennifer kissed him. I just had a bad dream. I have to go, honey! Bob was leaving his house and was on the airport of Sydney. And now it's just waiting.

Bob was sitting for hours. He was going to a flight attendent. Are you Jenna? asked Bob. Yes, what's the matter said Jenna. Stop the fat guy, if you see him, try not to put him in this flight. Why? asked Jenna. Bob was walking away.

Eric Glass, a man who is looking for the Black Rock was in the library. He searched for mystery ships. Mr. Glass, we don't have special books for ships said the Library-man. That's oke said Eric. But I wanna ask you something said Eric.

What do you wanna ask me? asked the Library-man. Eric put his gun out his pants and shoot the man dead. Guys, now we're all going to listen to me.

Bob was sitting in a park. A man was was walking to Bob. I'm Charles Widmore. Nice to meet you, Mr. Widmore. Oceanic Flight 815 will today crash. It will crash on an Island. Youre island, Mr Widmore. How do you know this? asked Widmore. Because the Island told me.

How? asked Widmore.

Eric Glass was runnin out of the library. He was coming in the park, safely. Eric was stopping by Widmore & Bob. Who are you? asked Widmore. Eric shoot on Widmore. We have to run said Eric. Is he dead? asked Bob. No, but he will find us said Eric. Could I trust you asked Bob. Eric shoot on Bob. You're dead said Eric.

End of Part 1.--Station7 20:03, November 4, 2009 (UTC)

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