This is the third and last part of Stuart Radzinsky. This last one is a very strange theory! I hope Í have made it in an logical way, but I hear it from you. For the people who read this, and not [[1]] and also not [[2]]. For those people, my English is not the best.

After Radzinsky heard from Jin that there was a plane on the Island, Radzinsky didn't find it. That brought him on a idea a few days later.

After Alvarez dead, they brought him to The Orchid for a test with time and space. Also known as time-travel.

Radzinsky later disovered that they were time-travelers [[3]]. Radzinsky was going to the Arrow, after he spliced the Swan Orientation Film. Radzinsky had the other piece in The Swan. When Radzinsky came back after splicing the Swan orientation Film, Kelvin Inman was angry. But Radzinsky said that the Others never would knew the purpose of The Swan. Radzinsky told the button wasn't real at all. Inman expected this.

The night that Inman slept, Radzinsky killed himself. Inman wake up, pushed the numbers in to the computer & buried him in the sealed door found by Sayid. In Everybody Hates Hugo. Radzinsky was buried in the place he builed. Inman learned Desmond three years pushing the button. At the last day, Inman thought he could leave the island with The Elizabeth. Desmond accidentley killed Inman. Radzinsky heard from the plane (Ajira Flight 316), he knew that there was something with time-travel from the Orchid. So he used it later for Oceanic Flight 815, after his death.--Station7 21:24, October 20, 2009 (UTC)

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