This is Part II, the first was [[1]]. This time we talk about Inman. I hope my English isn't bad at all. This is a really short one, from the three.

Kelvin Inman came on The Island via The Submarine. Inman found in a paper: Working for the DHARMA Initiative, for people who wanna save the world!

Radzinsky planned that Inman has to be in The Swan, so Radzinsky himself was safe with someone from the militairy.

Radzinsky said to Inman that they have to make a blast door map, so that they were save from The Hostiles. Radzinsky also told to Inman that it was for the safety. But exactley Radzinsky planned that he would save the time-travelers.

After The Incident, Richard told Ben about the Swan and that it was nearly there camp. Ben was aware of The Swan, because he knows were the Pearl is as seen in ("The Man Behind the Curtain"), and he was aware of Desmond, heard from Ben to Sayid in ("The Shape of Things to Come"), when Sayid ask how he came from the Island. He said with Desmond's boat.

In Part III, we talk about some other stuff. Something that explain a few things I think.--Station7 21:45, October 19, 2009 (UTC)

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