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    I have been thinking about this today and in the Pilots there were clues which could lead us to think about Jacob.

    • Jack Shephard - count to five on a 16 year-old girl (The Incident, Part 2)
    • Hurley - talking about the dead pilot (The Incident, Part 2)
    • Kate - Stealing (The Incident, Part 1)
    • Jin and Sun's relationship (The Incident, Part 1)
    • Sayid and Nadia (The Incident, Part 1)
    • Sawyer - Sawyer's letter (The Incident, Part 1)

    Locke is the only character who has a flashback and can't relate it to the Pilots. --Station7 21:23, May 30, 2012 (UTC)

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    The Lost Adventures, Part 6

    Previously on the Lost Adventures:

    • Desmond discovers that Walt has to be brought back to the Island, before more people die.
      • Desmond kills Penny and he escapes the authority.
    • Claire and Kate became in love, and Kate discovered that she had to kill Claire’s mother: Carole Littleton in order to get Aaron.
    • Sawyer was tortured by Donna (off-screen) and Richard said he was bleeding like an animal.
    • Miles meets with Eloise Hawking, while the police is searching for him.
    • Frank discovers that he has a family…with a wife and daughter. He is divorced and his daughter has been searching for him.

    5 hours earlier in the day.

    My name is Dr. Frank Reynolds. I worked in the same hospital as dr. Jack Shephard. I know that something strang…

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    The Lost Adventures, Part 5

    There is a party at your mother’s house said Kate. I’m going there if you don’t mind said Kate. That’s ok Kate said Claire. I know I’m invited, but I always can look said Kate. I wish you luck sweetheart said Claire while smiling.

    Hurley was using his magical powers to remove the dynamite and to fix the ship. Ben and Desmond were looking while Hurley was doing his important job.

    Kate came at the party. Kate saw Aaron. Carole appeared. What are you doing here? asked Carole. I…said Kate while thinking. Carole was taking Kate upstairs. What are you planning Kate? Blowing up a house again? asked Carole angry. Take everything out your pants now said Carole. I don’t have nothing with me said Kate. Carole slapped Kate. Yo…

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    The Lost Adventures, Part 4

    The Man in Black’s body came in Los Angeles. The body of the Man in Black came at Penny’s boat, Our Mutual Friend. Penny took the body on the boat. Penny was calling the police. John Locke’s body is back said Penny.

    Kate and Claire were at the basement. I’m sure you’re gonna be angry when I tell what I have to do in order to get Aaron back said Kate. What? Tell me said Claire angry. I have to kill your mother said Kate.

    Ben, Hurley and Desmond were looking at the Black Rock. If this ship comes back, people are going crazy said Hurley. Then you have to use your power to make it invisible said Desmond. That’s ok said Hurley. but first we have to make a plan to get this dynamite alla way said Ben. If one thing goes wr…

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    the Lost book named Signs of life. We had Bingo at a place where people come like me (people with Autism) :P and I had Bingo and choose after my second Bingo off course for this book! I've got Lost in my blood. --Station7 21:22, January 8, 2012 (UTC)

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