I have been wondering ever since the Season 5 finale what the Man in Black's loophole was. My first guess was that the only person who could kill the mysterious good guy Jacob was the most evil person on the Island ever, which I thought was Ben. But now I think there is a better explanation.

Before the theory, I want you to know that I think The Source is connected to other structures on the Island by aqueducts, such as the Temple.

Ben (who killed Jacob) and Sayid (who attempted to kill Man in Black by orders of Dogen) both we're put into the Healing Spring at the Temple. My theory is that people who have been affected or healed by the electromagnetic energies of the Source can also affect other people who have a connection to the Source. So that's how Ben could kill Jacob, because he was touched by the center of Jacob's own power. Then I was wondering why Sayid couldn't kill the Man in Black, because Sayid was put into the Spring just like Ben and Man in Black is somehow connected or attached to the Source, similar to Jacob. The explanation is that the pool was faulty at the time they put him in, so the effects weren't the same, or maybe "something else" brought Sayid back to life. Dogen, who was the Temple Master, might've known about this loophole (or at least the pool's effects), that's why he tried to get Sayid to the kill the Man in Black.

So, tell me what you guys think. Thanks.

Oh, and if Station7 happens to read this, I actually discovered you after I made this profile, but yeah, we can tell everyone that I named my profile after you just for the heck of it. :P

Station3 22:29, July 7, 2010 (UTC)

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