Guys, I am worried.

I figured tonight's episode would leave me feeling utterly satisfied with the show's mythology. I thought I would feel content with learning about Jacob and the MIB, but I'm not.

It was great all the way till the end. I mean, why did that light-cave turn him into the mib? Why was there no scene of the smoke monster confronting Jacob? I mean, we saw him become the smoke monsetr, but they don't show what he does after that, or how he feels about it...

How the hell did his body end up in a lake, 100s of yards away?

I dunno, I really just feel like a scene where the smoke monster turns into a mirror image his old self, and talks to Jacob. I think this is what the episode was missing, the lack of closure from the smoke monster's origin. He just flies away, and its like "oh. I guess he is a smoke monster now. Okay."

I guess they could still address these issues but, in terms of storytelling why wouldn't they do it in this, their backstory episode? I just don't think we will take anymore detours from here on out, and not giving more focus on smokey's origin itself will leave me disappointed... :(


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