Well, I was watching the season finale again, and I had a thought concerning the loophole.

Well, lets say, for the sake of my theory, that Esau is indeed the smoke monster. Now lets also say that the ancients, in someway or another, created the smoke monster via magic or whatever. The smoke monster was created by the original founders of the island to be a defense mechanisim, that protects the isalnd from threat. Yet when they made the monster, the ancients programed it, so to say, to follow certain rules and guidelines. One of the rules the monster most obviously obey is to never kill an other, or specifically Jacob. Yet to the monster this creates a great deal of termoil, as Jacob is very fond of bringing newcomers to the island. Newcomers who, in Esau's words, only destroy and corrupt. Therefore it is Esau (the monster)'s greatest wish to see Jacob dead, so he will no long be a threat to the very island it has sworn to protect. As I have stated before, the monster would of course be unable to kill Jacob because of the rules bestowed upon it, and so in order to kill Jacob it must find a loophole around these rules, perhaps by tricking a third party memeber (Ben) into doing the deed instead....


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