The Island being a turtle, of course, is my first ridiculous theory, but I have a few, so I figured I'd post them, and maybe you'll get a kick out of them.

-Origin of the Glass eye in The Arrow-

Well, you see, Richard was at one time the captain of the Black Rock, and this makes him a pirate. Like all pirates, Richard has scurvey, a peg-leg, and a glass eye. While sailing at sea, first mate Magnus yells "land ho!" to which Richard gives a hearty "yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr." He tells his crew to go make way towards this Island. Richard sets off with a crew on a scouting boat to land on shore. As soon as Richard sets his foot on the island his other, wooden, foot blasts off into the distance, beacuse Richard is so special his missing foot is instantly replaced by a superior foot. The peg-leg soars through time, destroying the statue. Richard takes off his eye patch at this point, because he can feel his eye is.... moving. His glass eye is also replaced by an organic one blasting the glass one through time much in the same way as the peg-leg before it. The eye flies through the Island's history landing in the arrow station a mere 20 minutes before it is discovered by Ana Lucia in 2004.

Richard's crippiling scurvey is also cured, allowing him to live forever.

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