So the other day me and my friend were discussing lost as we so often do. This was after watching the comic con panel on youtube, which leads us to believe that they will indeed sucseed in changing the past/future and what have you. And as so many of us are thinking "Won't that mean the first 5 seasons were just a waste of time?"

Well then my friend said what I am seriously starting to believe will turn out to be the case, this being that Jughead creates an "alternate universe" if you will. One where flight 815 didn't crash, and the incident was stopped. We were thinking that maybe stories in season 6 will alternate between these two universes.

I dunno, this possibly just kinda makes sense to me. While on the one hand in this alternate universe everything will be undone to give all the characters happy endings, on the other hand we can still see the story with UnLocke unfold because it wouldn't be undone in it's own universe. It's kinda hard to explain, but if you think about it, it really could work.

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