So what is everyone doing to get psyched for the season opener tomorrow?

Are you hastily rewatching season 5? Blogging it up? or Listening to those songs that remind you of LOST?

I myself made a playlist on my itunes and have been listening to it extensively to get psyched:

(Its pretty sweet if I do say so my self) Amazing Grace, from the promo Make Your own Kind of Music, Obvious A Fair Judgment (Opeth), Opeth's calm stuff really captures LOST musically in my opinion Repentance (Dream Theater) On an Island (David Gilmour)Awesome song, and album for that matter Death of a Martian (RHCP) I dunno... I just love the peppers haha The Unforiven (Metallica) Cliche? Maybe... Great song though, and it is very applicable with the redemption theme Endless Sacrifice (Dream Theater) Day Three (Ayreon) Pretty awesome band; you should check them out... or "him" I guess technically...

I dunno, It's longer than that but you get the idea

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