Okay, let me start by apologizing in advance if this post is completely shrouded in redundancy. I hope I am not lightyears away from the curve in my most recent LOST revelantion.

About Ten minutes ago, I was watching a scene from season one. It is the scene where Locke tells Jack his white rabbit might be a hallucination, but what if everything here is happening for a reason? Being where we are now on the show, so close to the end this statment had a profound effect on me. I started thinking, Locke must be right. I think the entire show will come down to it's ultimate end. (This is where I fear redundancey, but please hear me thourgh)

Yes I know the ebd of the show has to be significant, as it is just that; the END of the show. But I don't think any of us can fathom how central to everything the ending will truley be. Carlton once claimed that you will have a clear understanding of what the show is about by the end of season six. While I first thought this was intended to be a joke, I now truley think he is entilry serious. I think that, from day 1, the entire show was written around it's ultimate end. I think the end will retroactivly apply to the entire show.

Think about destiny on LOST. It plays a HUGE role. I think whatever happens at the end of LOST is, in essence, the destiny of everything the show has ever had to offer. I think the ultimate destiny of the story itself will reveal itself to be a enormous theme and undercurrent that will change the entire way we look at the show. I think LOST was written so that after we know the end, the show will suddenly become an entirley different story. I think the true face of LOST is a story that must be known in its entirtey.

So I don't think any of us, save Damon and Carlton, actually know anything about what LOST really is.

"Everything happens for a reason" says Locke. This is abundantley apparent in LOST, and I think it will only grow more that way when we know the ending. LOST was written as a chain of events, each one leading the stroy closer to its destiny. Finding the hatch, opening it, disarming the button, making contact with Naomi, leading the mercenaries to the island, moving the island, and finally Jughead. Everything has lead up Jughead, and my theory is everything was and has always been leading up to the ultimate endgame of the entire show.

Sorry If I rambled at all...

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