So as we all know, destiny plays a huge role within LOST. On of the reccuring questions about the show is 'were these specific people on this specific plane for abritrary reasons, or is there a deeper more spiritual reason for this?'

Of course all the occurences on LOST were due to a higher reason of some kind. The chances that these people so unknowlingly close to one an other could end up on this flight is impossible so destiny must have been the reason, right? Not necessarily.

Well what's interesting to me is the role Jacob plays in all this. Before we are introduced to Jacob we are lead to believe that an unpresent force was drawing these people to this flight. However, the impression I am left with after meeting Jacob is that he and he alone is the reason for these characters finding the island. It seems to me that he intertvined in the lives of all these characters and gave just such a subtle nudge that they would end up on the island years later as part of Jacob's attempt to prove his nemesis wrong about the nature of humanity.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is that there is an argument to be made that destiny doesn't exist on LOST afterall, and all the immprobable coincidence weren't coincidence afterall just parts of Jacob's overarching plan. Not that thats what I believe or anything I was just throwing it out there

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