Does anyone have fun little Sawyer-esque nicknames for characters and objects on LOST?

For example, most of us call the Smoke monster "Smokey"... but does anyone have a different nickname for it that they call it, or something else, personally?

When I talk about Richard with my friends I almost always call him "The Immortal Richard Alpert"

I have a looooooot of nicknames for the smoke monster, all relating to smoke, for instance: Smokey Monstermash, Smokey Monstermin, Smokeatoa, Pollution, or Smokey Monsterberger.

(Smokey Monstermash is my favorite, though)

I used to call the MIB 'Cain' as in Abel and Cain which seemed approriate for LOST, but now I call him Esau because I am 99% sure that's what it will end up being

Before I memorized the character names, I called Locke "Bald Guy" and "Knife man" and I still do occasionally. Until I found out he was an imposter I called him "The undead John Locke" for a while, or "King of the Island"

I call Michael Emmerson "Emmers"

and could I forget my loving nickname for Miss Klugh: "That Bitch"

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