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    Okay, so about halfway through the finale I had to use the restroom. Whilst urinating I was struck by a cool realization: When Ben summons the monster he pulls a cork from a puddle of mud and drains it. This was on a small scale very similar to Desmond removing the island's cork and draining the, uh, 'magic water'

    Just something I noticed.

    Also: I found it cool that the first image we see of the flash-sideways, or afterlife if you prefer, is clouds. Which is cool cuz it brings to mind heaven and what not. I dunno, I just thought it was some cool symbolism.

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  • StarStormXIII


    May 12, 2010 by StarStormXIII

    Guys, I am worried.

    I figured tonight's episode would leave me feeling utterly satisfied with the show's mythology. I thought I would feel content with learning about Jacob and the MIB, but I'm not.

    It was great all the way till the end. I mean, why did that light-cave turn him into the mib? Why was there no scene of the smoke monster confronting Jacob? I mean, we saw him become the smoke monsetr, but they don't show what he does after that, or how he feels about it...

    How the hell did his body end up in a lake, 100s of yards away?

    I dunno, I really just feel like a scene where the smoke monster turns into a mirror image his old self, and talks to Jacob. I think this is what the episode was missing, the lack of closure from the smoke monster'…

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  • StarStormXIII

    The dagger

    March 24, 2010 by StarStormXIII

    Is it just me, or was the dagger that the MIB gave Richard to kill Jacob, the same dagger that was given to Sayid to kill the MIB?

    Y'think this dagger is special somehow? Thoughts?

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  • StarStormXIII

    Jack's destiny

    March 5, 2010 by StarStormXIII

    So, I think Jack's ultimate reason for being on the island is...... vanquish the Man in Black

    Maybe this will be what happens in the finale?

    Still early to tell; thoughts?

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  • StarStormXIII

    Just made a connection

    February 28, 2010 by StarStormXIII

    Remember in the Incident, when Jacob says to smokey "They're coming?"

    Well I never know if I'm behind the curve, but I think that 'they' refers to candidate 108, or whoever it was Hurley was supposed to signal to.

    I mean, this line still hasn't been explained, and no way it wouldn't.... just be there... y'know?


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