Season 6 begins with a man getting out of a car and walking into an airport. We cant tell who the guy is because we cant see his face (would it be LOST if we did?). We follow him through the airport trying to figure out just who exactly this is. He then sits down at chair in a gate. We then hear over the loudspeaker. "Oceanic flight 416 passengers, oceanic flight 815 has just landed from Sydney (we'll be able to see this out of the window) and we will begin boarding soon, and thank you for choosing the Los Angeles International Airport." The camera then moves to the mans face who is none other than Jacob. He says "Here we go again."

my reasons for this are

-in season 1 opening we expected to see the plane crash and instead saw someone who just suffered from it, jack

-in season 2 opening we expected to see whats in the hatch and we were shown without knowing it, by showing us inside first and then showing that its the hatch

-in season 3 opening we expected to see either the others or the results of the hatch imploding and we were shown the others without knowing it until we saw the others we knew and the plane crashed

-season 4 would have to be an exception i guess

-in season 5 opening we were expecting to find out what happened to those who were left behind, and we were shown without knowing it, that they had traveled to the past

-in season 6 opening well be expecting to see the results of the bomb, and we could be shown it at first without knowing it

-and if the plane does actually land, i dont see how they could show that from inside the plane because of the actors. how could they show walt in the plane while its landing, hell look way to old

as for the final scene, on the island we will get resolution to the big questions and stuff like that, everythings okay, and it looks like LOST is going to get a happy ending. Hurley has been told by Jacob that his power aren't just talking to the dead. Hurley will ask what the other powers are, and Jacob says you'll find out. So, everything is looking happy, and then we begin to zoom out from the scene, and then suddenly everything goes to black. everyone will be expecting LOST to silently pop up but it doesnt. Instead the camera then shows Hurley waking up on Oceanic 815, in a jumpy sort of way. The guy next to Hurley asks him if hes okay, and he responds yeah i guess i just had a bad dream. The man then asks Hurley curiosely what the dream was. Hurley cant remember at all, saying its all black. Then Hurley will read his comic or listen to his music, treating it like its no big deal. Everyone watching will be like, "Are you kidding me?? It was all a dream??" Then the plane hits turbulence and the stewardess addresses the passengers just like in the flashbacks. Then the tail sections rips off the rest of the plane. LOST

im not sure if id personally like these but i thought of it yesterday so i wanted to know what you guys thought

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