== Well here are two things that i noticed that i havent seen be discussed:

1. So we learn that Desmond interacting with electromagnetism sends him to an alternate timeline. But in "Flashes Before Your Eyes" he ends up in a timeline that is clearly different from the two. Its not the original timeline because he meets Charlie and recognizes him from the island, just like in "Happily Ever After". It's not the new timeline because in the new one he doesnt know who Penny is and has never met Eloise before. So does this mean that there are more than 2 timelines??

2. When Desmond meets Eloise, he has never met her before, yet Eloise recognizes him with a feeling of deja vu. Is it possible that this is the same Eloise from all of the timelines and that they are all the same person?

Your thoughts??? ==

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