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November 2, 2014
  • Sprinkles4632

    I don't know about everyone else, but in my opinion, Charlies death was the saddest on Lost. He died to save everyone on the island and the help Claire and Aaron get home safely. The worst part is he knew he was going to die. I'm not saying the other deaths weren't sad, because they certainly were. But in the end, we just have to remind ourselves that everyone is going to die someday and its best to die a hero...(Plus it was just acting ☻) Please take the time to watch this video as a remembrance of Charlie Pace.

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  • Sprinkles4632

    Why did the show Lost end? It had a great impact on everyone. I have to say though, there will never be a show like Lost every again...

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  • Sprinkles4632

    The hit television show lost, constantly reminds us to never give up hope and to always keep fighting no matter the situation. The stories of the characters have inspired us. Each character has his/her own story that will live on forever.

    The show had its sad times:

    It also had its happy times:

    Lost is the Greatest show the world will ever come to know.

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