This is my very first attempt at fanfiction ever so if you could tell me what you thought give me suggestions or criticize it would be very appreciated. "What we call results are beginnings."-Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The Island began when it rose from the ocean in the early days of Earth's existence. It calmed the wild seas' and formed continents. The large concentration of Electromagnetic Light in the center of it was the source of this power. From that light came the first human. From her came weaker beings. She named herself Abigail; She was the first guardian. From the darkness of her thoughts the light created her husband Ouranos; He was the first of the Islands Smoke Monsters. Together they ruled for nearly 4 billion years when they had their daughter. Her name was Selene and she had the powers of her mother. When Selene reached adulthood her mother faded away from existence. Selene was now the guardian. The first normal humans on The Island were the Greek. They called it Ogygia and they called Selene Calypso. Then came The Egyptians. They believed they were in the realm of Tawaret and built a giant statue in her honor. After them came The Romans along with Selenes chance to find a new guardian. She found her chance when Claudia gave birth, but her plan wasn't set into full motion until the twin boys, Jacob and Mars, reached teen hood. She posed to Mars as Claudia and tricked the boy into feeling betrayed by his "Mother" and running away to live among his people. When the twins reached 30 she enlisted the help of her father Ouranos to destroy the Roman village along with everyone in it. When he was done they left Mars to find the village burning and his well filled with rocks. After Jacob was made guardian and Selene killed, Jacob threw his brother into the light and Ouranos was finnaly relieved and faded to join his wife Abigail in the Afterlife. End of Prolouge Part 1--The Spoilerhater talk Contributions 02:54, November 5, 2011 (UTC)

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