When i watched the last episode of Lost, i was really interested in statue. It looked like an Eygptian goddess. So i googled "Eygptian goddess" and i came across 2. One that looked just like her. ISIS is her name, she is know for Healing and Caring like a mother if anyone wanted to know. In the hand of Isis, is a cross, just like the one Horace had in the Episode that her found from Amy, or whoever had the baby in the episode. That is how i found out it was Isis. If you go to the Lost blog the first picture is of the backside of ISIS and if you look up Isis on Wiki pedia you will see a side drawn pictue of Isis.

 Isis, also discribued to have a son named Horace. and she married her brother. Those are facts i got off of Wiki, if any one wants to know. One more thing Isis is for the healing and the caring but is also known for mysterious killing, just like the island.

Leave me your opions and therios!! thanks

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