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    Jacob=Free Will

    May 26, 2009 by SonshineMusic

    In some of my many musings about "The Incident", I came to the conclusion that we were looking at Jacob and his nemesis (whom I will refer to as Esau) the wrong way. I don’t think it will come down to a clear cut right vs. wrong, or an obvious hero vs. villain. The better parallel for me is the struggle between free will, or choice, and fate, or destiny.

    From this view, I think it is clear that Jacob represents free will or choice, which means that his counterpart represents destiny.

    Here are some of the facts that I believe support this theory: Right at the beginning of "The Incident" Jacob and Esau have a very intriguing conversation. I actually watched just this part over again to try to catch it all.

    There’s been a lot of discussion over …

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