• Sonofa

    I have spent 6 years watching LOST and the series, I am so disappointed in their conclusion. I knew there would be questions left over. I knew that someone I loved would die, but to be dead and getting together to pass along? That just doesn't make sense and here is why.

    1. Sayid, loves Nadia so much that he looks for her all over the world. He shoots a fellow officer to get her out of prison, at his own peril. He makes a deal with MIB to get her back from the dead. But he ends up with Shannon? I mean seriously, that just doesn't make sense. He knew Shannon for a week?

    2. Jin & Sun have their ultrasound, so does that mean that Ji Yeon now is dead or will forever be a fetus? That was the most important time of her life?

    3. Jack & Juliet are ma…

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  • Sonofa

    Many times we have been told "If you ask a question and it will be answered, it will only be followed with more questions". This is in essence the beauty of LOST and what we will miss by next week.

    Here is a thought. We are given the Black/White Good/Evil Fate/Choice Damnation/Salvation throughout this show with the addition of Starting Over or What is done is Done.

    In this, could it be that Mother found twins to take her job of protecting the island over to 2 people. One is the Light - Jacob and One is the Dark - MIB.

    One Filled with rage, curiosity and ambition and the other with Peace, Compliance and loyalty. It makes sense that she had to split the job to keep them there and to ultimately protect the island. Here are some thoughts on thi…

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  • Sonofa

    --Sonofa 17:02, April 26, 2010 (UTC)

    We have to figure out how the MIB can get out of the Island, with whom and why? So how do we figure out the use of the Rules for him to succeed?

    What are the Ashes and what do they mean to MIB? What are the Bodies of the deceased and what do they mean to MIB? Are these the “Loophole”?

    The Ashes could be the remains of the deceased Candidates (Danielle Rousseau,) or the previous Keepers of the Island (Jacob).

    When Jacob is killed in the foot of the Statue, he is casually pushed into the Fire by MIB. His body was easily turned into a fine ash in a very short period of time. If it had been real life, the team would have found the charred remains of a body, not fine sand like ash. It is duly noted that Alana co…

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