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We have to figure out how the MIB can get out of the Island, with whom and why? So how do we figure out the use of the Rules for him to succeed?

What is the significance of the Ashes & Bodies: The Security System and the Loophole.

What are the Ashes and what do they mean to MIB? What are the Bodies of the deceased and what do they mean to MIB? Are these the “Loophole”?

The Ashes could be the remains of the deceased Candidates (Danielle Rousseau,) or the previous Keepers of the Island (Jacob).

When Jacob is killed in the foot of the Statue, he is casually pushed into the Fire by MIB. His body was easily turned into a fine ash in a very short period of time. If it had been real life, the team would have found the charred remains of a body, not fine sand like ash. It is duly noted that Alana collects the ash and puts it into a cloth sack.

The ash seems to be used to keep the MIB out or in. As seen by - the circle of ash around Jacobs’ cabin - The circle of ash placed around the Temple when the alarm is sounded - The circle of ash placed around the man who was fighting the smoke monster in the statue

The Ash does not seem to have fool proof ability as seen by: - The break in the ash to Jacobs’ cabin - The smoke monster using his movement to knock the man in the statue off balance and finally killed.

So how does someone get that much ash and where does it come from?

When looking at the names in the Lighthouse and in the Cave, there are many names crossed out. So, if they are dead and their purpose was to keep the MIB/Smoke Monster on the Island, it is reasonable to assume that their ashes would have the same effect. It also explains why Alana carried Jacobs’ ashes with her when she leaves the temple.

A significant amount of ash is required to surround the Cabin and the Temple. When the Smoke Monster attacked at the statue, the people seemed to have a substantial amount of ash with them. As there are so many that have died on the Island it explains why there is so much ash available. Also, when one of the female others is killed by one of the Oceanic, it is shown that their funeral process was to do a funeral pyre in the water. Thus, a tradition of cremating bodies.

When Sawyer and Juliet kill the Hostiles who were about to hurt Amy, she was adamant about burying the bodies. When Richard came to the compound and did negotiations with Sawyer, Richard asked for the body of Amys’ husband. It seemed like a strange request, but seems reasonable now as he may have been a Candidate and they needed the Ashes.

Also, the form of MIB comes out in a Monster made of grey/black smoke. Perhaps, collected Ash swirling and carrying the “essence” of MIB. ==

The Use of a Corpse of a Candidate: eg: Christian Shepard and John Locke==

It seems that MIB is able to use the bodies of the candidates as a vessel for his soul. We don’t know if he is able to be seen as himself anymore, so how he got into the bodies is a mystery, but we do know that he has used a body before John Locke. The last time he was seen as Himself, was the Island pre-Christians’ arrival.

He admitted to Jack that he used Christians’ body as a vessel. Christians’ body arrived on the Island as a corpse and not cremated. In order for the whole group to return to the Island, John’s body had to be taken with them; just like before.

MIB presented himself as Christian to Jack, Claire, Michael, John and Miles. Each visit that he did as Christian furthered his goal in getting John’s body. - Freak Jack out and make him question his ability to lead and prey on his self doubt. - Get Claire to stay on the Island, acting as an anchor to eventually brink Kate and Jack back. - Also, get Claire to break the ash circle or act as a go between with the Others, the Survivors and him. - Get Micheal to kill everyone on the boat and destroy it. - Get John to create a series of events, eventually allowign MIB to find his loophole, praying on his need to be “special”. - As for Miles, just a confirmation that something is going on.

It still remains in question whether it was necessary for Jack to get his father’s shoes to put on John. This may have just been a tactic of MIBs’ to get Jack to bring his body.

Christian being a Shepard was a candidate, just like John. It seems that MIB must be surrounded in some way by the candidates in order to move, anywhere. He needs them to take him off the Island, just like Jacob needed the candidates to keep him ON the Island.

The loop hole may very well be the use of the Body of a Candidate as a Vessel. Just like the ashes keep him out, if he is INSIDE a Candidate he can move off the Island. Technically, by being inside one of the Candidates he is following the “Law”. Having his soul or his essence surrounded by a Candidate he is able to leave the Island and seep out into the world.

What is still in question is this? Who was in the body of Christian, Charlie, Eko, Claire and Anna Lucia or other people related to the Island when they appeared to people, like Hurley. OR who was Claire when she was looking over Aaron and yells at Kate “Don’t bring him back Kate. Don’t you dare bring him back!!”

Bodies have been used in other ways; for example the time when Sawyer was a conduit for Kate’s father. He had a fever and then mumbled things to Kate “Why did you kill me?” Is this how he gets in the Candidate? ==In Conclusion: As a final thought on the Ashes and the Bodies, here are the theories.== ===The Rules: - The MIB is kept on the Island by the Candidates/Keepers of the Island - MIB is not able to a Candidate directly - MIB can only leave the Island if the Candidates leave with him, there are none left, or inside one of them. - A Candidate cannot kill themselves – Michael could not kill himself with a gun, but he was killed by an explosion set up by someone else.=== ===What do we know: - There are only a few Candidates left - A Candidate can kill another Candidate: eg: Dogan was not able to kill Sayid, but Jack could kill Sayid. - There is some way that he is able to get inside part of the Candidate and take away their essence. This gets labeled “an infection” o This can be seen through Sayid, Claire, Rousseaus’ Team, or by the Quarantine info on the hatch and the gas masks etc. o How does this happen? We know Sayid came close to dying and then surprisingly was brought back. How he got infected is strange – not in the Temple as MIB couldn’t go in there, but somewhere else in the Island. Once he comes back his emotion or essence is gone. Sayid being a passionate person, cannot feel. Claire who was to raise Aaron b/c “it was her goodness and kindness that had to surround the baby” is now violent and crazy. - It seems though that this “infection” is not permanent and can be reversed. Claire starts to revert back to herself, once she knows she is loved and wanted. Sayid seems to question himself when he has to answer about how Nadia would feel, were she to know what he had to do to bring her back. - That MIB needs to keep the Candidates around===

Theory in Conclusion:

- The Ashes are the Candidates. They act as a boundary to keep the MIB either in or out. Maybe similar to a repellent. - The Ashes are previous keepers of the Island – they too as prior Candidates and able to keep the MIB on the Island. - The dead BODIES of the Candidates can be used by MIB to move around. If he is able to enter into the Body, he is essentially surrounded by the Candidate, thus following a Rule of Law. - MIB is able to kill through the manipulation of other people and getting Candidates to kill other Candidates.

Finally: MIB must use a body of a Candidate to eliminate all other Candidates by having them kill each other and at the same time; have it as a vessel to get him off the Island and let the evil seep out.

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