Ben hired Sayid to kill a whole whack of people. One of which is the guy on the Golf Course, that Alana arrested him for. We still are not sure if this was just Jacob finding an excuse to get Sayid on the plane, but then why would he want them on the plane. It seems that maybe if Sayid stays off the island he can't be killed by MIB.

But anyway, these people are all offed by Sayid and Ben says that these people were in Widmores organization and were a threat to his friends. Do we know this for a fact? Or who were they? Were they just a bunch of dead bodies for the Writers to slaughter or did they really have significance? Any thoughts?

Also, the lady that Sayid kills in Berlin is wearing a silver bracelet. It says something on it and someone else is wearing one too? Anyone remember that? Any ideas?

Could it be that when he was Big Ben...Little Ben...remembered Sayid shooting him and wanted to punish Sayid by making him kill all those people. He does say to him "That is what you are Sayid, a Killer".


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