I rented all seasons of Lost building up to this point. I loved this show and found it to really push us all to Think About things. There were little threads to watch, the Black & White, Ashes, Numbers, Smoke Monsters, Others, Hostiles, Death, Churches to name just a few. So to have the ending be so stupid was an insult. Something, the producers said, would not happen.

So in keeping with the Show, I had theorized an ending, that would have been much better and more realistic. My other post, re: endings aside.

here it is.........

Recap of Season 6

Flash Sideways:

In this time period, it should have been the temptation. For example when Jesus was in the desert he was tested by the things that he wanted. Consider The Last Temptation of Christ, if you have not read this, you should.

Jack gets a son,sister and peace John gets Helen, his dad, etc. Ben gets Alex, peace w/ his father, Danielle and respect Jin & Sun get to be together with the baby Sawyer is a cop and starts to calm down about his dad. Desmond gets Charles respect and can then get Penny Eloise gets to save her son Dan gets to have a normal life w/ music, math and Dad Miles is married, a cop etc. Charlotte is a success etc. etc. What we know from the existing season

Flash Island:

In this place they are trying hard to fight off MIB. Saving the island and surviving together. The MIB has promised each of the Candidates something to get him off the island. Sayid he says, I will give you Nadia Ben, I will give you the island Claire, I will give you Aaron and a family Kate, we will give you the chance to stop running

We know this is happening.

Flash Sideways: Slowly they are being brought together and Desmond is getting them there. We are not sure why, but they all seem to gravitate to the same places

My Theory Begins Edit

Flash Island: They understand that the 6 of them need to get to the source and protect it. They know that it won't be easy and they will have to give up alot.

Flash Sideways: As they merge together they realize that all of the things that flawed them are gone. They see what they can have, if they give up the island.

Flash Island:

At the Light House (presuming it had not been smashed by Jack), they are able to see what they could have. The survivors are watching their lives, with children, together, having a purpose etc. They see in the mirrors that they can have everything that was missing before they came to the island.

MIB says: if you let me go off the island, I will give this to you. You will have all that you want, happiness, family, love, joy and all of that. If you keep me here, you will be stuck here forever and have to live with each other. It will be your purpose to stay here, but if you let me go, I can give you all that you want.

The Survivors then, through much fighting and discord, find that for the "Greater Good" they must sacrifice thier happiness to save the world.

In Flash Sideways: They group together at the same time and same way as Flash Island. They see in the mirror, what they will have to take in order to save the world.

Collectively, they decide to save the world, Kill MIB, protect the island and give over to the fact, they must start their own community on the island.

That would have made more sense.