Many times we have been told "If you ask a question and it will be answered, it will only be followed with more questions". This is in essence the beauty of LOST and what we will miss by next week.

Here is a thought. We are given the Black/White Good/Evil Fate/Choice Damnation/Salvation throughout this show with the addition of Starting Over or What is done is Done.

In this, could it be that Mother found twins to take her job of protecting the island over to 2 people. One is the Light - Jacob and One is the Dark - MIB.

One Filled with rage, curiosity and ambition and the other with Peace, Compliance and loyalty. It makes sense that she had to split the job to keep them there and to ultimately protect the island. Here are some thoughts on this.

1. How else could she have killed all those people, fill in a well and burn all the camp down.

2. Mother tells the boys that you must never go in to the warm light, you will be worse than dead. I can't imagine that being a smoke monster would be any fun.

3. Mother gives them a game with black & white pieces and helps them set up rules (in a roundabout way). She makes sure that the boys cannot hurt each other; which would prevent them from taking the power of the island for themselves or leaving. The "rules' are introduced.

4. Mother takes Jacob down to the Warm Light and says you have to do this. Finishing off her communion with "now we are the same". So, is it fair to say that she knew that Jacob would be the one to settle his brother down. He is the only one who can reach MIB and therefore it is important for him to be won over to the idea of being responsible for the island. (Communion)

5. When she sees that Claudia has twins, she sees her freedom. Kills the birth mother and then takes over the boys. (Virgin Mother)

6. She talks of how she got there....from her mother.....who is dead......and now so is theres.

7. She can feel that MIB is going to come after her and says her goodbye to Jacob. When MIB comes to her, she thanks him for killing her. He feels immediate remorse and sadness. Jacob arrives.

8. He takes MIB and puts him in the water. He comes out as a Smoke Monster - if that is him - but he is so after the mother is dead. (baptism & reincarnation)

9. Could it be that the Mother played the part of Claudia and took MIB to the camp on purpose. That he was supposed to see them and get introduced, so that he would understand the harsh side of people and the need to protect the light from them.

So in conclusion;


Personality Traits

skepticism, ambition, persistance, hostility, adventure, deceit and doubt. 


discovers dead mother, is introduced to "people", learns their ways and what they are capable of. He is able to understand how they work and how they think and discovers manipulation, deceit and confrontation. He understands how thier minds work and he can relate. 

He wants to get off the island and discover things, he wants adventure and risk.

Biblical Reference He is turned into the Smoke Monster and he is in such a state that instead of accepting his role as protector, he will do anything to get off. This is his baptism in the water.


People will always follow their base instincts and do the wrong thing. He proves this through "providing Heroin for Charlie, providing food for Hurley, providing power for Ben, providing running away for Kate and leadership for Jack. He thinks they will always choose the bad. 



Personality Traits: loyalty, honesty, goodness, patience, kindness and healing


stays and believes his mother because he has faith in her. He clearly outlines that people will do the right thing in the end, it may take them a while, but he believes it possible. 

Biblical Reference

He is given communion with his mother and the wine. She says you are the same as me. 

Prophecy He believes that people will be good if given a second chance. That inherently they are good, just need to find it within themselves.


God gave Jesus to the world, then he spread his word to the disciples and there was Judas. Judas who may have been a detractor, but a necessary part of the story. Jesus knew he was going to be betrayed and understood it, as it was the only way to provide us with Life Everlasting. The disciples then had to spread the word, with their perspectives, weaknesses, prejudices, preferences and audiences. The same is true for Jack, Sayid, Sawyer, Jin, Sun etc.

So by splitting the ideals and the responsibility, their mother ensured their captivity on the island. She matched the appropriate parts of herself between the boys. It allowed her to finally rest.

With so many references it is impossible to not keep writing, but I have to get ready for the show tonight!!! I can't beleive that there are only a few precious hours left.

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