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Ok, so I am not a fan of the shows' ending, but I have to say that I was pleased that Hurley was given the chance to be the leader. He was a good choice. He is kind, generous, giving, thoughtful and non violent. Something that the island is not used to. Ben can provide the manipulative part of the story. But here is my question regarding a story inconsistancy that is too glaring to ignore.

When Hurley says "how are we ever going to leave the island". Ben says "that is the way Jacob ran things. That isn't necessarily the case". You can come and go as you please.

Ummmm weren't they doing that already? Wasn't it only the MIB that couldn't leave? Here are some points.

1. Jacob was in the "real" world many times, primarily to touch each one of the candidates. 2. As there were other candidates, wouldn't he had gone and touched them too. 3. Charles Widmore went off the island several times, so much so that he had a relationship with someone and had Penny. 4. Ben was seen off the island - notably seen in a photo dressed in '80s type clothing. He also had multiple passports and money 5. Tom was off the island and able to get Michael 6. Richard was off the island to get Juliet 7. Ethan was off the island to get Juliet 8. Dharma was back and forth all the time in the Submarine 9. Various and sundy others/hostiles whatever were able to go and get food dropped, houses built, mechanical and technological structures in place, books, cd's etc.

So where exactly is the rule that you can't leave, unless you are the Smoke Monster?

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