• Sonofa

    Ben hired Sayid to kill a whole whack of people. One of which is the guy on the Golf Course, that Alana arrested him for. We still are not sure if this was just Jacob finding an excuse to get Sayid on the plane, but then why would he want them on the plane. It seems that maybe if Sayid stays off the island he can't be killed by MIB.

    But anyway, these people are all offed by Sayid and Ben says that these people were in Widmores organization and were a threat to his friends. Do we know this for a fact? Or who were they? Were they just a bunch of dead bodies for the Writers to slaughter or did they really have significance? Any thoughts?

    Also, the lady that Sayid kills in Berlin is wearing a silver bracelet. It says something on it and someone …

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  • Sonofa

    As I think that all the people on this site have some rockin' ideas on what could have or should have been explained re: the season finale, I am putting this task to you.

    When we see MIB make his dark appearance in the foot of the statue. Jacob comes to standing position and says "I guess you found your loophole".

    MIB responds "you have no idea what I have had to go through to get here"

    We then see Ben kill Jacob and he drops into the fire.

    As we go to the beach, we discover that MIB is John Locke and John Locke is dead.

    We know only 3 rules: 1. MIB can't kill Jacob and Jacob can't kill MIB

    2. MIB can't leave the island

    3. It is a very bad idea to go to the light

    So, we see visions of little boys running hither and yon throughout the island. They …

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  • Sonofa

    Ok, so I am not a fan of the shows' ending, but I have to say that I was pleased that Hurley was given the chance to be the leader. He was a good choice. He is kind, generous, giving, thoughtful and non violent. Something that the island is not used to. Ben can provide the manipulative part of the story. But here is my question regarding a story inconsistancy that is too glaring to ignore.

    When Hurley says "how are we ever going to leave the island". Ben says "that is the way Jacob ran things. That isn't necessarily the case". You can come and go as you please.

    Ummmm weren't they doing that already? Wasn't it only the MIB that couldn't leave? Here are some points.

    1. Jacob was in the "real" world many times, primarily to touch each one of the…

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  • Sonofa

    In seeing some of the comments and questions, I just realized something else that was wrong with the Series Finale and Season.

    In the beginning, the following are on a plane together 1. Jack 2. Kate 3. Charlie 4. Claire 5. Sayid 6. Rose 7. Bernard 8. Desmond 9. Cindy 10. Sawyer 11. Artz (was he on there) 12. Frank (was he on there too) 13. John 14. US Marshall 15. Christian Shepard - in casket

    These folks all were flying on a plane together. The island is sunk (which would have happened according the the final episode if the MIB got off the island). They talk to each other, they touch each other, they interact.

    But then we go to the end of the season and they are all going to a church. That we have never seen before, that has no relevance to …

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  • Sonofa

    I rented all seasons of Lost building up to this point. I loved this show and found it to really push us all to Think About things. There were little threads to watch, the Black & White, Ashes, Numbers, Smoke Monsters, Others, Hostiles, Death, Churches to name just a few. So to have the ending be so stupid was an insult. Something, the producers said, would not happen.

    So in keeping with the Show, I had theorized an ending, that would have been much better and more realistic. My other post, re: endings aside.

    here it is.........

    Recap of Season 6

    Flash Sideways:

    In this time period, it should have been the temptation. For example when Jesus was in the desert he was tested by the things that he wanted. Consider The Last Temptation of Christ, if …

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