Hey everybody, just noticed something pretty interesting relating to the monster. In This Place Is Death (Season 5 ep 5 Danielle has a confrontation with her science buddies after they've had an encounter with the monster.

We saw Montand grabbed and dragged by the monster into the temple where god knows what happened to him. But he changed, and by the time we see the next flash, Danielle's lover Robert seems to have changed too. By this point, Danielle has shot the other two men, Lacombe and Brennen, and is pointing the rifle at Robert. Robert pleads with Danielle, 'don't do this', 'I love you', 'what about our baby??' to the point where she puts her gun down and the conflict is ended... until Robert picks up his gun and attempts to shoot Danielle.

That had me thinking, why would he try and shoot her? Is it because she was on to him? He could of kept her convinced he wasn't evil if something inside of him hadn't changed, right? Is this proof that an encounter with the monster gives you knowledge, but at the price of part of your soul?

We know Robert wasn't different, or a ghost, or not real, but Danielle could tell, as a lover that something had changed inside of him. Enough to make her kill the others and him, what do you all think about this?

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