Hi All,

Something just struck me as odd. Everybody remember the Well that Locke traveled down to move the wheel?

Isn't it weird how that Well was even there? The flashes explained that Sawyer held on to the rope as they flashed to a period earlier in time when the Well didn't exist yet, so there was a rope magically coming from the ground. I wonder if people saw this at a later time and realized that its a great place for a Well. (And Sawyer just created a Well1)

So they make a Well, lead a rope down... and what. Was there water in the Well? Did the secret chamber always exist or was it made? How do the two connect? Nobody ever went down into the Well before?

Sorry for the questions it just bugs me. And if even there were water in the well, would it be special water considering it's proximity to such a pocket of exotic matter?

This makes me want to find the Island, and market my own brand of Time-Enhanced Vitamin water.

But seriously, what do you all think? Would the Well being connected to the Orchid give the water special properties? It is a mystery.

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