Hey Losties, I apologize for being so infatuated with these whispers, but like the blast door map, they are very telling of things to come/expect. And since there isn't a whole lot to speculate on anymore within the first five season (man we're good at speculating, too good) it is time to expand this realm into the absurdity. I also apologize if I don't make sense.

Since day one on the island, we've seen a mysterious force at work. It came in the form of Christian Sheperd at first, to wake and guide Jack up and to the plane. We know now that this is Jack's dad, and he is dead. So WTF Lost? You've done some crazy things to your viewers, but we didn't sign up for this.

The whispers:

I've gone on to say that this is a bleed through of another dimension, one that allows people's souls to exist. For some reason, it seems that once you bury a dead person on the Island, the soul of the person is melded into the force of the Island.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say the force manifests itself into two forms, Jacob and his friend. I've said before that I believe Jacob to watch the land of the living, giving choices, and purpose to fulfill one's life. While the other man believes the life is all the same, it fights, it dies. These two exist in harmony, except for the bitterness in Jacob's friend at Jacob's acceptance of humanity. We've been given re-occurring themes that point to something like this the entire show, fate vs free will, black vs white, good vs bad. All of these are physical manifestations of the force. The force is 'God' in a non traditional sense. While the two subsets of the force seem like angels in the traditional sense, one egging on humanity to be the best it can be, the other just wishing it would go away.

Let this stew in your brains, a whisper transcript:

"The Other 48 Days" Sayid & Shannon in the jungle


"She likes the guy, she likes the guy"


"Your life and time is up"

"Help me"

"Shannon, meet me on the other side"

"Her song" ('Ana Lucia' when reversed)

(Gun shot)

/end transcript

So, wait, what? Something controlled Walt's appearance to lead Shannon into the jungle towards Analucia. Then the whispers were heard, one of them says Shannon, your life and time are up. Meet me on the other side.

This gives credence to the fact that there IS an other side. There IS an after life on the Island, and the people that die there without being sent away and burned, stay there. So I guess if you, the reader, have been keeping up with my crazy theories, you know about the divide.

The blast door map is divided going from bottom left to upper right. In the middle is the Pearl, the BDM gives a slight location to the Temple, and a slight location to the Statue. The latter being on the upper left and the former, on the lower right. The Island is split 50/50 it seems to me. One side is given to the light, Jacob. The other side is given to his friend. Except when it came to choose sides of reality. Nemesis most likely did not like dealing with humanity, and chose the side of souls. While Jacob, liked the human spirit and now acts as a guide for purpose.

These two forces have governed the things we see on the Island so far, but I'd be damned if I knew which of the two forces worked for what. Like if Christian belongs to Jacob or the other guy. Those things we have no possibility of knowing, but with theories like this we can make a couple of more accurate guesses.


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