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    November 20, 2009 by Snowstradamus…/

    Well my fellow Losties, we finally have our date! Season six is to air Tuesday Feb. 2nd from 9-11 pm.

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    The Well

    August 28, 2009 by Snowstradamus

    Hi All,

    Something just struck me as odd. Everybody remember the Well that Locke traveled down to move the wheel?

    Isn't it weird how that Well was even there? The flashes explained that Sawyer held on to the rope as they flashed to a period earlier in time when the Well didn't exist yet, so there was a rope magically coming from the ground. I wonder if people saw this at a later time and realized that its a great place for a Well. (And Sawyer just created a Well1)

    So they make a Well, lead a rope down... and what. Was there water in the Well? Did the secret chamber always exist or was it made? How do the two connect? Nobody ever went down into the Well before?

    Sorry for the questions it just bugs me. And if even there were water in the well, wo…

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    Shannon's clue

    July 31, 2009 by Snowstradamus

    Hi everybody,

    I was just watching 'Whatever the Case May be' when I noticed something Shannon said seemed odd and out of place. While she is dissecting the notes and maps that Sayid took from Rosseau, she exclaims that while all this is gibberish there is something about it that "seems so familiar."

    I thought about that for awhile, and considering we might see Shannon again in season six, I found it odd that she would say something like that. It might point to the writers, all along, knowing where they were going and placing little clues inside season one that confirm such things. I think this might be one of them, and for some reason I feel like this scene is going to be revisited.


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    July 7, 2009 by Snowstradamus

    Just taking a glance around the forums, and I came across something about Christian Sheperd. There was a theory that he was an unembodied consciousness living on the Island...

    Then that got me thinking, we've seen what happens when exposed to the super physics of the Island, e.g. Desmond's consciousness shifts through time, but not Desmond. So given that stuff like that is possible in Lost, and other crazy mysteries, I was thrown for a loop.

    Imagine this, an ancient race of humans living on the Island. Jacob, Nemy, Ilana, etc... The Island at this point in time is just an Island with supernatural properties of physics, not spiritualism-- yet.

    One day Nemesis took a tumble too far near one of these super physical properties, and like Desmond, …

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    Hey everybody, just noticed something pretty interesting relating to the monster. In This Place Is Death (Season 5 ep 5 Danielle has a confrontation with her science buddies after they've had an encounter with the monster.

    We saw Montand grabbed and dragged by the monster into the temple where god knows what happened to him. But he changed, and by the time we see the next flash, Danielle's lover Robert seems to have changed too. By this point, Danielle has shot the other two men, Lacombe and Brennen, and is pointing the rifle at Robert. Robert pleads with Danielle, 'don't do this', 'I love you', 'what about our baby??' to the point where she puts her gun down and the conflict is ended... …

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