So many questions so little answers, heres some of my theories.

The Temple

I think this is a Dharma station built over caverns that have been shown to house some dark entity, its also been said to be Jacobs Nemesis's home/lair (whatever you want to call it) but then also its been said that Jacobs cabin was used by Jacobs Nemesis! Whats going on? I suppose were going to have to wait to find out the real answer.


Firstly i want to say that a white interlay DOES NOT mean the bomb has blown up, although it most likely has as otherwise it would have been a bad place to end the season. Did Jack, Kate, Chang, even Juliet and the others survive? Im 99% sure the answer is going to be yes. Simply because it would be a bad storyline if all these main characters died at once. One thing thats been bugging me is Juliet, could she really die? I mean her and Sawyer were fine until the Ajira 316 flight came. I think Sawyers going to have problem with Jack (already has!)

Jacob and his Nemesis

Oh my god! Where to start? What i find hard to understand is how Jacob has APPARENTLY died within 2 episodes of us actually seeing him. I mean really? All this time we have watched and waited to find out who he is and BAM hes already dead. I think hes going to be back in season 6 to stop Jacob's Nemesis from completing his plan (whatever that is!)


Shes dead is what i think, Jacobs Nemesis has been using her all along in the Cabin.


Hes a form of Jacobs Nemesis

Keep tuned for more theories and please leave comments below. By the way ive got some of these ideas from which has growing community!

Peace out

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