• Smokeythepolarbear

    I think now that we know which numbers are assigned to which candidates, and since 23 is the only PRIME number of THE numbers, it may be a hint from TPTB that Jack will be Jacob's replacement.

    This is besides the fact that the series began with a close up of Jack, and Jack has the most centric episodes, etc etc...

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  • Smokeythepolarbear

    I was re-thinking the question of why Sun, Ben and Locke did not jump to 1977 along with the other 815 castaways. The thing I noticed was that Sun, Ben and Locke all met up with Charles Widmore off the island. Widmore is such a major character in Lost (along with being a former leader on the island) that I think this can't be a fluke.

    I realize that Frank Lapidus also did not go back to 1977, but maybe being a "candidate" has something to do with this.

    Any Ideas?

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  • Smokeythepolarbear

    look up...

    January 2, 2010 by Smokeythepolarbear

    Look up at the top of the page here at Lostpedia! It looks like Jughead going off to the left side. Doesn't look like it is big enough to destroy the whole island.

    Does anyone else think it's the result of Juliet's actions?

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