It was a good episode I guess, but I am still very disappointed. I was expecting a lot of answers and backstory into everything and the acting from the two women was so unlost like. It really revealed nothing and made everything even more complicated. Basically, it told us how Jacob became leader and how MIB became Smokie, but I thought personally that the episode was very cheesy. He went through a waterfall of gold? And worst of all, there has been no mention at all of a "golden waterfall." The only thing I thought when I first saw this was, "So that's what John said that he saw." But then it turned black and Smokie was burn. MIB also died so the Smoke monster is the dead spirit of MIB? I don't know, but I would have liked to know what the statue was. There was no mention at all about it. I take my first sentence back stating that this was a good episode because it wasn't. There is so many plotholes and information missing that I would have liked to be answered. So we know who Adam and Eve are. Yippee! It took a whole episode to reveal that one mystery. The only decent part was the end when MIB turned into Smokie. I'm tired of calling him MIB. they should have given us a name. (I couldn't really here what Jacob's mom said at the beginning.) So anyways, in my opinion, a very disappointing episode even though the promo for next week got me pretty pumped up. Go ahead and lash out at me or agree with me. I really want to hear everyone's opinions on this show.

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