Alright, so I have all the 6th season episodes of LOST recorded on my DVR and I have all 5 seasons on DVD and I decided to go back and watch LA X because I thought I might have missed something. I only watched the first ten minutes or so and I noticed that when Jack and Rose are on the plane together Rose tells Jack that he can let go because the plane didn't crash or whatever. I suddenly realized that this line has been used a lot referring to Jack. His dad told him to let go regarding Sarah, Rose told him to let go in the flash sideways, and I remember Jack talking to someone this season recently, last 2 or 3 episodes ago, and they were talking about what would happen if Jack "let go." I just thought that it was cool that the writers bring stuff up from the past all the time and that I missed this one. I haven't seen any posts talking about this so I guess I'm the first. Share your thoughts on any events or lines that you've noticed that you think are interesting.

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