When I saw the Lost Supper, the first thing that popped out at me was Locke who was sitting where Jesus sit s in the actual painting. This could mean Locke is the savior of the island. When Widmore said there was a war coming he meant some sort of Armageddon. Locke needs to lead the island against whatever demonds are coming (the people who llana was warning Richard about). MIB represents Saintin and Jacob represents God. Locke is Jesus (or current leader) I'm unsure of who the holy spirit would be... I don't think it would be Richard though. I think Ben was completely accurate. Richard just makes sure everything is going to plan. He is very similar to Jesus though (recruiter, teacher, etc.). Smokey is a judge. It judges all that need to be judged... though it might be with MIB... Back to Armageddon, I was watching the Pilot and when Charlie said the rain was end-of-the-world-weather on the island... he was right! Armegeddon!!!!!!!

I also think MIB could be Esau (Jacob's brother... they had issues)

                                              -Genisis 25

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