A little observation on a connection in the titles of three characters

As the title says, I observed an amusing little thing, whilst watching random older episodes.

The season 3 episode "The Man from Tallahassee" ends with the Others revealing the captive Anthony Cooper to his son John Locke. The title of the episode is, obviously, referring to Cooper.

Later in the same season, we have the nothing-short-of-fantastic episode "The Man Behind the Curtain", with the title referring to Ben.

And now, in season 6, we have the infamous, villainous character referred to simply as The Man in Black.

Three separate characters, all of them with a title starting with "the man...", and these three characters are all also masters of deception.

I find this little connection quite interesting, so I though I would share it, even though it holds no significance whatsovever and is probably a coincidence. Hope you liked it.

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