I am a man who lost all faith in network television years ago so when my old roommate suggested that I check out this new show, "Lost," after the first season ended I was apprehensive. He had the DVD though so I figured I'd give it a try. After watching the pilot I was impressed and ended up watching the rest of the season over a 2-week period. Being a man of no faith in network TV I didn't think that the show had any chance of keeping up what it had achieved to that point so when the second season came out, I missed it. That same friend who had gotten me to watch the first season was watching the season 3 premier when I happened to be in the room. I ended up watching the entire 3rd season after that while wondering what the hell I was thinking when I skipped the 2nd season. After the 3rd season finale I was officially hooked. I went back and watched the 1st season again and then watched the 2nd. I then watched the 2nd and 3rd season again before the 4th came out. Then before the 5th season I went back and watched... you get the idea. It took me until the final season to actually get on Lostpedia because I try not to read into things in the show too much. I'm one of those people who is just along for the ride and don't expect everything to be answered and for everything to make sense. I just hope that closure is brought to each character in a meaningful way. I am also now a man of restored faith in network TV, or at least with this set of producers, writers, and actors.

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