I definitely want feedback from y'all on this one!

Lately, I've been getting the feeling that the great secrets of the Black Rock aren't going to be that big of a deal. Any smart viewer of the show already has a real good feeling as to how the ship came to be on the island, so what else is there to tell? We know that the ship's captain was supposedly buried on the island, and that the ship's log is now in the hands of Widmore. So what?!?

The only thing that would make this mystery appealing to me would be if someone aboard the ship was somebody we already know. Whether it either be someone traveling through time, or an Other who doesn't age. And since I think Richard has been on the island much longer than that, I doubt the latter is an option.

Anyone else have any thoughts about the Black Rock, and why the big secret might really matter to the Lost story?

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