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    Flash Sideways

    March 18, 2010 by Slathrop

    While the creators of Lost tell us that these "Flash Sideways" are supposed to show us what would have happened if Oceanic flight 815 hadn't crashed, I think it's become quite apparent that this isn't true. There are too many differences between what originally happened and what is happening now. For example: 1. Jack now has a son which we know he didn't have originally. 2. Sawyer is now a cop which would be impossible with the original story line. 3. Miles is also a cop...see #2 4. Ben Linus is a teacher which would be impossible since he was already leader of the Others when the original plane crashed. 5. Alex is a normal high school student (we can only assume Rousseau is the hard working mother she mentions in the episode "Dr. Linus")…

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  • Slathrop

    So after watching this series from day one and having worked on several episodes as a background and principal actor I have formed a theory. I believe the island is the original island of Atlantis. Although history and legend states the island disappeared into the Atlantic Ocean, in reality, it was "moved" by the residents of the island in response to some kind of catastrophe. Possibly the failed attempt at invading Athens. After the failure, the leaders of Atlantis feared massive retribution and therefore used the underground wheel to move the island to safety.

    The stone statue that is seen in whole in the past but with only the one four-toed foot later on most likely was a statue in honor of Poseidon, the God who was given possession o…

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