ok...i know tht LOST has a thing for character connections bt cant they come up with some out of the box, fresh connections instead of repeating the same thing again nd again??

i mean, whenever som1 has to go to a hospital in L.A., it has to b St. Sebastian, nd we'll invariably c jack walking thru the hospital lobby... whether its shannon in flashback, sayid or desmond in FST or may be e1 in FF, i dont remember....

this has become so stupid, repetitive, irritable, predictable, nd boring...

they cud hav chosen to do somthing diff. like-

1. showing tht ethan works i the same hospital as jack, nd claire is admitted in the same hospital...they cud hav shown charlie running past claire's rest-room, nd left claire wondering who was tht guy running like a mad-cow..

2. they cud hav shown jin passing by desmond carrying her blood drenched wife in his laps shouting for doctor's help in korean..

3. they cud hav shown sawyer nd miles coming out of the police station right behind charlie when desmond comes to recieve him nd shown sawyer cheekily delivering a one-liner on charlie...

bt no, they wont do anything diff... they've vowed to show jack in evry episode, e1 if it matters for a couple of seconds...speaks volumes abt Darlton's man-crush for Foxie..

why does jack keep roaming in the hospital lobby?? he doesn't have an O.T. or O.P.D. to attend to? or may be they shud hav given him a mopping the floor up job instead of doctor..thn it wud hav made more sense to c him in the lobby all the time..

Darlton guyz, plz come up with something diff... u hav so many characters to show the 'character connections'..why is it always has to b jack??

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