time anomaly: season 4

ok guyz...just completed watching S4

now i hav some doubts regarding time anomaly on the island...

1. sayid and desmond took about 20 min. to reach the frieghter though the folks back on the island were worried that it has been a day and they haven't reached...which proves that the time moves faster on the island as compared to outer world(frieghter)

2. also the doctor's body washed on the shore even b4 he was killed on frieghter which again tells that island is in future as compared to outer world..

so if thats the case, even the payload fired by regina shud hav reached the island even b4 faraday told her to fire it...

also their seems to be no time anomaly when sayid rode the zodiac back to beach, or faraday ferried the people to the freighter on zodiac, or the helicopter flew frm the island taking 4 of the ocienic 6 + sawyer to the freighter with it, or when sawyer jumped off and swam back to the beach.....there seem to be no time anomaly in these cases...

moreover....according to press conference held by ocieanic 6 tells that they returned 108 days after the plane crash... which means 108 days on island = 108 days in the outer world...

and if thats the case, hw wud u explain the doctor's, sayid & desmond's and payload's case?

if the time actually moves faster on island, then the gap btween island and outer world shud go on increasing...and 108 days on island shud have been equal to may be 40, 50, 60, or may be 70 days in the outer world...

can someone plz clear the air for me?

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