Theory- the island, the Light, Protector, candidates, rules, powers, EM pockets might be totally wrong, but its my most desparate best and probably last attempt to squeeze out a theory off LOST...please give your views...

What is The Island-The Island acts like the container/holder/keeper of The Light

What is The Light- imagine Light as a metaphorical version of it to the magic tree of "AVATAR" or a Fountain of Youth. when a life is born on this planet, it borrows some part of light aka life from it and when he/she/it dies, it returns the light back to The Light...

Protector- The Light must be protected or else somone in his futile attempt to misuse it to become immortal may put it out, and if The Light goes out here, it goes out everywhere and there will be no life on the planet. God cant be here for eternity, so he chose a protector for The Light. since then its the tradition, that you protect The Light as long as you can, as long as you dont become frustrated of life, as long as you dont wanna die, but when you wanna relieve urself, you need to find a replacement before choose candidates...

Jacob- Mother was a protector too, she brought claudia so that she can take her son away and make him the candidate...guess what, she got 2. Protector can make their own rules. she made the rule that candidates cant kill eachother, thats why jacob and MIB cudn't kill eachother, but she got frustrated when she realised that her most beloved son is going to leave...she wanted to be she declared Jacob the new Protector....just like mother, he cant die too...becoz as the protector of The Light aka life,you get the right to use some part of it for as long as you are its protector. Jacob changed the Rules and made new rules. he didn't want to interfere, so he decided that candidates can kill candidates...thats why he realised that he'd require more thn 2 he chose 360.. he was also more organised, educated and meticulous than his mother. so he built the lighthouse and the dial to keep a watch over the candidates. He was also very shy, not very social, so he built his own team of "The Others" that could take care of the island, while he was busy in his wine tapestry and writing heiroglyphics. he also didnt want to be immortal, and he had a thing for games, so he created a loophole in his own rule so that somone can kill him one day and relieve him.{whats the loophole exactly?? we dont know} but the rule that Jacob and MIB cant kill eachother stays. So MIB needs to find this loophole to kill Jacob.

MIB- The cute KIB(kid in black) was originally the first choice of mother to be the next Protector. thats why she said he would never have to worry about death.{atleast as long as he doesn't want to} but as fate have it, KIB's mother's ghost appeared. only he could see her because he was special and she told him the truth. Now all he wants is to leave the island. so he lives with his corrupt, untrustworthy, manipulative, selfish people. He finally finds a way off, but mother jeopardises his ticket off the island coz she cant let anyone who knows about The Light get off the island or more people will come to know about it and will try to come to the island to get it. She knows that bald MIB is pissed, and her time is over. so she declares jacob the next Protector. now MIB has to worry about death because he is not the protector as mother always planned to be. now because mother is not a protector anymore, she can die. so MIB killed her.

SideNote: Mother could die because she was not in power and could not use The Light anymore. Jacob died even while in power because he hates to interfere and he didn't want to be immortal. so while he cant die just like that, he still left a loophole in his rule, so that somone might kill him someday and relieve him of his long, tiring, frustrating job

back to the story- so bald MIB killed Mother{whats up with their hairs? even the hairs of jacob are white and MIB are black}..Jacob is pissed. He takes MIB and throws him into The Light. Mother had told that going into the light would be worse than death. this doesn't mean that she has been there. she knows it because she is its protector.

Smokey- Though jacob is a Protector now, but he is a relatively new protector. ofcource we can assume that after so many hundreds of years of experience he now knows all the secrets of island, but back then he doesn't know what would happen. MIB floats inside the hole and dies. but because of some crazy combination of Water and Light, the light inside MIB doesn't go back to The Light. instead MIB's soul becomes a pillar of black smoke, and all The Light now resides in The Smokey. because Smokey/MIB now possesses The Light, this gives Smokey the power to undead anyone he wants like in case of sayid. this also gives him the power to judge people. if he finds them penitant for their sins, like Locke, Sawyer, Kate and Ben..he lets them live to redeem themselves. If he finds them un-repentant, like Eko or Nikki, he takes the Light aka Life back from them. when somone dies, the light inside him goes back to The Light/Smokey. this gives him the power to manifest as dead and have their memories too. being the protector of Light, it also confers jacob the power to transfer some part of it to anyone he touches, and make him ageless like in case of Richard.

EM Pockets- Now MIB's only motive is to go home..he is not evil, but jacob cant let him leave because The Light now resides in him and only island can hold The Light because The Light gets its energy to keep lit forever from the numerous EM pockets of the Island. if Smokey/MIB/Light leaves the island, the light will be put out and the whole world will be dead. Smokey doesnt understand that. he is obsessed to go home. but he cant go home because Jacob made the rule that he cant leave unless the Protector is dead. Thats why he finds the loophole and kill Jacob, but he still cant leave the island till even a single candidate is alive on Island. thats why he wanna kill them.

while the Lighthouse is some place from where Jacob keeps a watch on his candidates, Cave is a place where MIB cancels out the names of the Candidates that he has gotten rid of.

The Game- btw there is a side game between Jacob and MIB/Smokey to keep them occupied and entertained for centuries. jacob keeps bringing people to island to prove to MIB that they can be trustworthy, caring and selfless and Smokey/MIB passes his time testing people and proving Jacob wrong.

i dont think MIB/Smokey is evil...i think Jacob cooked up the story just so that his followers believe tht smokey needs to be stopped at all costs, he cant tell them about the Light...

the real thing is that The Light inside smokey cant survive out off the island without the energy of those EM pockets...Smokey doesn't realise it because he's obsessed about leaving the island....but jacob knows...

also the Light gives smokey all the powers, and EM pockets give The Light its power, so smokey's power doesn't work in water...because there is no EM energy for The light there....

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