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March 30, 2009
  • Skagrawal4k

    hey guyz, we all know by now that Season 6 Dvd is gonna have an epilogue into hurley and ben's life as to how they ran things on island.....

    i want to know from you people that is their any way to contact the concerning authority and request them to also include an epilogue concerning Sawyer, Kate, Claire, Richard, Miles, Lapidus and also the Lost kids(aaron, ji-yeon, clementine) lives post escape from the island....

    i'd love to know what they did after escape...i'd love to watch hurley paying visits to his friends once in a while in the outer world....

    Plz does anyone have any idea how to make such request to concerning authorities???

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  • Skagrawal4k might be totally wrong, but its my most desparate best and probably last attempt to squeeze out a theory off LOST...please give your views...

    What is The Island-The Island acts like the container/holder/keeper of The Light

    What is The Light- imagine Light as a metaphorical version of it to the magic tree of "AVATAR" or a Fountain of Youth. when a life is born on this planet, it borrows some part of light aka life from it and when he/she/it dies, it returns the light back to The Light...

    Protector- The Light must be protected or else somone in his futile attempt to misuse it to become immortal may put it out, and if The Light goes out here, it goes out everywhere and there will be no life on the planet. God cant be h…

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  • Skagrawal4k

    ok...i know tht LOST has a thing for character connections bt cant they come up with some out of the box, fresh connections instead of repeating the same thing again nd again??

    i mean, whenever som1 has to go to a hospital in L.A., it has to b St. Sebastian, nd we'll invariably c jack walking thru the hospital lobby... whether its shannon in flashback, sayid or desmond in FST or may be e1 in FF, i dont remember....

    this has become so stupid, repetitive, irritable, predictable, nd boring...

    they cud hav chosen to do somthing diff. like-

    1. showing tht ethan works i the same hospital as jack, nd claire is admitted in the same hospital...they cud hav shown charlie running past claire's rest-room, nd left claire wondering who was tht guy running l…

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  • Skagrawal4k


    March 18, 2010 by Skagrawal4k

    equation 1---> MIB=crazy mum equation 2--->aaron=crazy mum

    equating the 2 equations

    MIB=Aaron hence proved??????

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  • Skagrawal4k

    anthony cooper???

    March 18, 2010 by Skagrawal4k

    acc. to "the substitute"...locke has a cordial relationship with his father... but sawyer's parents were still conned??? hw come??

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