• Shunsai7

    I posted this on my personal blog page, but figured it belongs here, so here goes:

    It just dawned on me [some nights ago] while I was reading over some of my previous Lost-related blogs: John Locke is and always had been an 'other'. It seems so obvious in retrospect, and i feel quite genius and stupid in the same stroke.

    When Sayid shot young Ben, mortally wounding him, Richard Alpert took him under the agreed understanding that once Jacob healed him, he would be 'one of us'. Fast forward to the end of the season, and we actually witness Jacob's healing touch when he revives a seemingly fatally wounded John Locke who had just taken a tumble out of an 8-story window. It's so obvious now in retrospect, but from that moment, John Locke was offi…

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